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Hello. My name is Maggie Taylor. I am an author/artist. I make prints, stickers, comics, books, dolls and more. This is my storefront for my physical goods, which will change periodically. Here you can buy stickers/prints of various designs, the HAPPY COMIC doll (when in stock), physical books (when in stock) and more.

I have been writing/drawing and such for 15 years, and I really just want to make cool things for people, stories for people to read or things to show off, like stickers and such. I hope to soon have physical copies of my books available, it's just that it's fairly costly.

Hopefully, after some time, I will be able to open up a larger store with more items, but as it stands right now, I will only have a few that change every now and then, so if you really like something, make sure to get it while it's available!

I currently only ship to the U.S. and Canada, and I charge no shipping fees. I hope to eventually ship elsewhere though, so keep checking back!